Beware of the cyber criminals – they can now catch you when you are most vulnerable. Kaspersky Lab has recently revealed that cyber criminals have a new weapon to attack your privacy. They can now hijack your mobile device camera and invite themselves in your most private moment.

Statistics shows that 90% of the UK population is equipped with a smartphone, out of which only a two-third of the population is aware of the harms caused and threats posed by cyber criminals. Cyber criminal’s modus operandi is to send you poisonous softwares with which they proceed to take over your device. With all the unauthorized access now, the cyber criminal can steal your private and stored images along with taking snaps of their own. Other than snaps of you in compromising the position, the cyber criminals can also help themselves to photographs of credit cards, children playing and getting undressed with the phone kept nearby.


With technology taking over every walk of our life, it wasn’t a surprise when the study further revealed that a staggering 83% of mobile user never turn off their phone unless the phone shuts itself off when its battery dies. 44% of tablet users say same about their device – leading people being extremely candid in presence of their phones. 57% adult have sex in presence of their camera-enabled mobile phone; tablet, laptop or PC, 37% undress in the presence of these devices, 44% have their device with them in the toilet, and 29% take them to their bath. 30% of adults leave important document containing private information and payment cards around their devices, and 26% let their children play with their devices. These statistics reveals how vulnerable we are in front of cyber criminals, posing a huge threat onto ourselves.



But something that is more dangerous is that the people, a very small portion though, who do try to take actions against shortcomings of technology in such manner, often resort to methods that are not at all helpful and hence, aren’t safe from the claws of cyber criminals. 20% mobile phone user, 21% laptop user and 15% tablet user have admitted that they have tried to disconnect the camera function in their devices by closing the icon or trying to disabling it. Since it is almost impossible to disconnect camera function from your device, the abovementioned method doesn’t help. Neither does physically covering the camera lens on your phone, since phones nowadays have cameras both on the front and back.


The only solution to this problem, as told by researchers at Kaspersky Lab, is installing security software or using cell phone jammers which you can buy in Jammer Store. It is the only way to lock your devices to the malicious intent of the outside world.


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