Gone are the days when Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Unnamed Aircrafts or Flying Drones were only frequented in James Bond Movies. With the surge in technological advancements, these awesome little vehicles are already being made and used by Governments, Companies and Individuals alike to suit their recurrent requirements.

As funny as it might seem –

“There was a time when people saw these objects on Televisions and dreamt of days when such technology would make happen. But, now when the time has come for drones to be accepted into mainstream use by Society, there arises other grievous questions related to privacy. These questions need answering even before we see these objects being openly welcomed by humans across boundaries.”

Drones are already being used in various industries. Real Estate agents are using them to monitor gas and other pipeline around their projects, the FBI is using them for Surveillance and Monitoring, Companies and Individuals are using them to capture photos and videos and Governments are using armed versions for increased protection in times of war.

There are a million ways how people can use Drones, but the most important question that arises from the use of these objects are not related to what they can accomplish or how people can integrate them into their daily lives but,
“what would the mainstream use of drones mean to the privacy of individuals in the days to come?”

How Will Drones Affect Your Privacy?

According to the Federation Aviation Administration, more than 30,000 drones are supposed to hit the sky by 2030. By a common nature, Drones have already been a part of privacy threats via various incidents like:

1. Several UAV’s crashing on the White House Lawn

2. A women in Mexico arrested for illegal drone filming on the beach

3. Drug cartels are known to smuggle stuff cross borders with the help of drones

4. And various other incidents..

Along with GPS trackers and Camcorders, we can surely anticipate a lot of privacy threats in the coming days.
“With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”
So in spite of all the benefits that Drones might bring, they will pose the greatest threat to the privacy of mankind.
Let us take a look at some of the Anti-drone techniques (both legal and illegal)

1. Shooting them down – If you have been a serious victim of drone invasion, probably you are already on the verge of raising fire. Don’t try to shoot drones as not only is raising fire without purpose illegal in many countries, but so is shooting drones down.

2. Signal Jamming – Using RF Jammers to block drones in your locality is also a very effective way of protecting your privacy and preventing the leakage of information. When browsing our online store search for 2.4GHz and 5GHz jammers, because all modern drones are currently using these frequencies. So if you need a proper jammer against drones you can check our SPEC5 jammer.

3. Geo fencing – This is a legal way of preventing drones from wandering into private or otherwise sensitive areas like Airport Terminals, Army Headquarters, etc. Many drone manufacturing companies are already implementing it by building these “geo-fences” into drone firmware.

4. Plain old Legislation – Even though this might come off as a brilliant idea, but the only option we have is to let the lawmakers handle these matters and be patient till proper regulatory orders are sanctioned by the government.

What are your views on the rise of drone technology and the threat these UAV’s impose on our privacy? Let us know through the comments section below.

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