Cell phones cause cancer

This topic is as old as time but recently FCC decided that it should be revisited. The agency set cell phone safety standards in the far 1996 so now FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski offered a proposal to other FCC commissioners asking them to perform fact-finding into those standards. FCC does not think that cell phones are the main cause of cancer or brain tumors and even in high doubts about cell phones can cause any of those diseases at all. Still they want to investigate the matter and make sure that there are no scientific evidence of cell phones might be the problem.

Five FCC commissioners must approve the proposal of the Chairman before it may be released to the public. In May 2011 World Health Organization has classified cell phones as possibly carcinogenic and in one moment they ended up in one list with coffee and few types of vegetables. At the same time IARC Director Christopher Wild claimed that it is possibly not safe to use cell phones before the deep, long-term research of their influence on human brain is not conducted. Few months later the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a 1000 participant study that denied the involvement of cell phones with tumorogenesis or cancer elaboration.

Sleeping girl with mobile phone in hand

Currently FCC tests all cell phones sold in USA according to the standards they have adopted in 1996. Still the safety level of radio frequency emissions was set 16 years ago and now it is time to revisit it, maybe correct the standards, and test those electronic emissions once again to be sure that health and life of every single American is safe. But while the approval of the FCC Chairman’s proposal and all necessary tests and researches be conducted there is still some possible risks of become overexposed with radio frequency emissions, especially if consider the fact that there are more cell phones in all US states then people. So if you want to make sure that your health is secure then you can protect yourself from radio frequency emissions and cancer or brain tumors possibly caused by cell phones.

So what do you think: do cell phones might cause cancer and we should protect ourselves from wireless signal emissions or they are safe to use? Share your thoughts with us.

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