CIA Director David Petraeus

David Petraeus, the CIA Director, cannot wait to use all your household devices in order to establish reliable everyday surveillance on you. Television, air conditioning system, car navigation systems, light switches… Smart home systems are spreading quickly and they will become an awesome basis for the most effective surveillance system CIA Director could ever dream about.


Computer technologies are growing day by day and now cloud computing arises. Later its development will lead to the supercomputing that will be gaining more and more power. And development of the supercomputing will eventually leads to the quantum computing with the power that is hard to imagine. As for the smart homes, their sensor networks, RFID technologies, energy harvesters and small embedded servers will be successfully used to locate, identify, monitor and remotely control all household devices connected to the system.

Couple in smart home

There are many legal restrictions for CIA related to collecting private data about US citizens, but ambient geolocation data from various devices is not exactly the subject to those legal restrictions. In fact, after changes being made in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in 2008, those data is in the “grey area” of the laws. The manufacturers of the hardware have been storing geolocation data for years and soon CIA will have access to it. Your worries might rise even more because many legislators are already alarmed because of US government can easily track your location via smartphone.


Along with the happiness of the David Petraeus about having the ability to use your smart house devices connected to the system in the way that is now called Internet of Things to spy on you, there is another thing to worry about. In fact, it is not a thing but huge facility in Utah that is called Utah Data Center. After construction finish it will be used by NSA to spy on all US citizens by all possible means. I guess CIA will be involved in this too; at least the data gathered by smart home systems will probably be stored and processed here.

Kitchen in the smart home

So what can you do about it? Rejecting the installation of the smart home system is probably not the best idea because in the nearest future everyone will have such systems installed in their homes. Thus the only right solution I can see is to prevent CIA from spying on you via smart home system and avoid being monitored by the watchful eyes of David Petraeus.


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