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CCTV cameras at gas stations will automatically prevent uninsured or untaxed automobiles from being refilled with fuel, as it was recently announced as part of the new plans of the UK government. Downing Street officials want this hi-tech system to crack down on approximately 1.4 million automobilists who drive without having car insurance.


The ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition CCTV cameras) are already installed in lots of gas stations’ front yards. Drivers may only refill their vehicles with fuel after the ANPR camera has caught and recorded their car’s number plate. Presently this system is intended to deter automobilists from driving away without paying for gas.

ANPR camera images

According to new government plans, those CCTV cameras will automatically use an immense DVLA’s database to cross-reference with it. When a vehicle is recognized as the uninsured or untaxed one, the system will automatically stop the fuel pump from being utilized on that automobile. This new proposal will have an immense effect, forcing drivers to always insure and tax their vehicle in time if they wish to drive it at all.


Every 25th driver in the United Kingdom doesn’t have insurance and this is probably the worst rate in whole Western Europe. In accordance with new figures, nearly 160 people are constantly killed and about 23000 injured by drivers who have no insurance and leave the scene of an accident each year. The officials from Downing Street are expected to meet members from the leading fuel firms in the upcoming weeks to talk about the concept of implementing such policy.


But some gas retailers said the offers were a move too far – asserting they put their revenues in great danger. RMI Petrol representative Brian Madderson that presents independent gas stations, said: “Employees are already getting arguments from automobilists for fuel prices went too high. This suggestion will upsurge the possible conflict to the new level. Our employees aren’t law enforcers to watch for every single driver to have his or her insurance.”

Petrol station CCTV cameras

So if you are the owner of the gas station in UK and totally agree with Brian, the only thing you can do if that proposal will be approved is to block ANPR cameras and prevent those CCTV from stopping your customers refueling their cars at your gas station. And if you are the driver who, let’s say, doesn’t have enough money to get the car insurance right now but needs to drive somewhere in emergency, you can also do the same.


Thus no matter who you are – leave your thoughts in the comments because as far as I can see the situation in UK is getting worse and it must be discussed by everyone, including you.

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