Spectrum Bridge Inc.

Spectrum Bridge Inc. recently declared the introduction of the first non-state TV White Space (TVWS) television network in the Wilmington, North Carolina. The cloud-based frequency range control platform of the Spectrum Bridge Inc. is the central element of modern technology that uses those frequencies released by digital television transfer to furnish wireless bandpass and net access for a bunch of innovational things.

The first net applications support wideband initiatives by furnishing the citizens and city visitors with internet hotspots in local parks along with spectrum for governmental video surveillance. This system furnishes a base for future developments and will serve as the prototype for other local authorities willing to use benefits of TVWS accessibility across the USA. Integrating those innovational “Smart City” technologies may assist in improving local economic condition and make the overall living standards better by creating a better wideband data infrastructure.

Wilmington, NC

“We are really satisfied with the installations of those white space systems at local parks and other spots,” said Chairman of the New Hanover County Ted Davis. “This tech has proven to be absolutely unostentatious, nice for environment way to propose services to our inhabitants and the guests of our city, also giving our personnel more effective ways to administer those places.”

TVWS deployments advantage wireless users along with many industry participants like broadcasters, content providers, various telecom and cordless Internet service providers with equipment manufacturers because of the perfect propagation specifications of the frequencies used. The TV White Space frequency bands in addition have outstanding out of line of sight carrying out that permits the signal to effectively penetrate obstacles like houses, trees and rugged terrain at bigger distances than probably any other unlicensed frequency range.

Wilmington North Carolina downtown

The frequencies which were released due to the TV move over are the VHF and UHF bands between 54MHz and 806MHz. If this start at Wilmington be successful then soon enough whole country will start deploying such wireless networks using low frequencies for governmental surveillance over each city, not centralized at first, but locally managed and very effective. So you may want to prevent US government from using white spaces against your privacy if you are living in Wilmington, North Carolina, or if you are not but afraid that this technology can reach your hometown too.

What do you think about it? Will this new technological advancement bring development and bonanza to the country, or become a starting point for the mass surveillance across the US? Express your thoughts in the comments!

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