New York Police Security Camera

The Department of Homeland Security is into a cam package that may peek in on nearly 4 square miles of American territory which is protected by Constitution for very long time period. Homeland Security does not bear a specific system in mind to be used. Right now, it is just wangling for industry response on the official call for this Wide Range Surveillance System. But it is the up-to-date indication of how influential military surveillance technology, created to find outlandish rebels and terrorists, is moving to the home territory.

Security Camera at St. Paul

The Department of Homeland Security also says that it is curious about a system that may see between 5 to 10 square kilometers — that is between 2 and 4 square miles, approximately the scale of Brooklyn in New York — in its ceaseless mode. By ceaseless, it signifies that the cameras ought to gaze at the territory beyond question for an indefinite number of recorded hours to gather what the armed forces like to refer as “pattern of life” information — that is, what usual actions look like for this given region. Perseverance typically relies on how long the flying vehicle carrying the cam kit may remain on high; DHS wishes something that may be attached to the P-3 Orion spy airplane or the Predator drone. When not in ceaseless mode, the cams should be capable of seeing much, much farther: “long straight regions, tens to even hundreds of kilometers in extent.

If it is beginning to sound remindful of the secret agent devices the armed forces has utilized in Iraq or Afghanistan, it ought to. Homeland Security wishes the video gathered by this system to transmit in almost real time — no more than 12 seconds — to the control room and preferably to the BLOS (beyond line of sight) high impact mobile receiving system on the ground, exactly as military spy equipment does. The cam ought to move to IR mode for the darkness hours spying, and include the automated real-time movement detection ability that notifies an observer imager for goal recognition. This system will take the tests at special location in Nogales, Arizona.

Traffic Camera at the street

As you can see, when this system start its work, it will monitor the activity of the biggest cities at first, spreading to the smaller ones stepwise. Honestly speaking, you can do nothing with this system because those drones or manned aircrafts will fly really high for common signal jammers to reach them. Still you are probably aware that there are many stationary surveillance cameras in those cities and you are definitely able to deal with them effectively. Although you can’t affect the cameras flying high above you, you can prevent yourself from being spied by street cameras in New York and other cities where those cameras have been installed.

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