Communications industry has been developed a lot these days. Millions of people around the world are using various kinds of communication standards and electronic devices in order to contact each other and pass important information from one person to another. And because of that necessity in many communications a lot of different communication companies are engaged in competition with each other.


“Huge bunch of cell communication companies of Great Britain are blocking many Skype users, hurting innovations and breaking the law in that way”, — that is what was claimed by the British telecommunications regulator Ofcom. For example, Vodafone not allows its subscribers to use internet-telephony unless they agree to pay additional fee of 15 pounds ($23) per month. The joint enterprise of Orange and Deutsche Telekom called Everything Everywhere blocks Skype directly because it allows its users to make much cheaper calls, especially in other cities and countries.


Ofcom gave promise to intervene if cell communication operators would not stop those blocking actions ex gratia. Skype have used this situation and started negotiations with cell communication operators in order to discuss partnership conditions. “We are less patient than Ofcom, — Skype Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs of EMEA Jean-Jacques Sahel told agency. — Europe still has too many limitations“.


There are more than 663 millions of people are using Skype and its services worldwide, and you are probably one of them. So here is the question: how long can you suffer from the actions of those cell communication companies blocking the access to the Skype you have used to? Or have it to continue in the future at all? If those companies are blocking your Skype access then probably you can do the same to them!


In order to pay those cell communication companies in their own coin you can use cell phone jammers which are the best way to block the communication signals provided by different cell phone operators. When you do that, many other people would follow your lead and do the same, and at some time all those cell communication companies would feel themselves like Skype feels now and they would understand that their actions are bad, anti-innovative, antisocial, and thus they must be stopped once and for all!


What do you think about the situation with the competition between various communication providers? How would you deal with it? Share all your thoughts in the comments!

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