OnStar corporation which is a subsidiary of General Motors, provides such services like in-vehicle security, hands free calling, remote diagnostics systems and turn-by-turn navigation is mainly operates on USA, Canada and China markets. Recently, OnStar notificated all customers of a change in its privacy policy. From now, if your vehicle equipped with OnStar, the company will collect information about the speed and location of the vehicle even if you didn’t pay for the subscription.

Adam Denison, the company spokesman announced that this new future will help returning customers not to loose all their data, which were collected in the past. Due to OnStar, this connection will remain open “unless the customer says otherwise”.

An interesting fact that due to the privacy policy, OnStar has all rights to sell GPS data to third parties, like marketing companies and vehicle manufacturers, of course for some people this fact could be considered as violation of their privacy and civil rights.

Using GJ6 GPS jammer you can prevent any GPS data collecting in your vehicle.

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