Next Wednesday Amazon will host a press conference in New York in which it is expected to present to the public the tablet which will operate on the Google Android software. Some analysts predict that this new Kindle e-reader could be the first real challenge to Apple’s iPad.

Amazon didn’t announce what exactly are they going to announce on this press conference, however some analysts were confident that the world’s #1 retailer will use it’s device to expand their presence in mobile commerce and sell more digital services and goods.

Despite the fact that Amazon haven’t announced anything about it’s new Kindle yet, some facts are already known to the public:

1. Techrunch suggested that this device will also be called Kindle.

2. It will have a 7in touch screen.

3. It will run Amazon’s own version of Android.

There are many Android tablets on sale right not, but till now none has been able to compete with sales of Apple’s Ipad with its 29m devices which have been sold since April 2010. So, lets hope that new Amazon’s Kindle will change the situation on the market and thanks to their competition in the future we will be able to use more technically advanced tablets.

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