google wallet jammer

Soon the majority of people, at  first in USA, and after, in the whole world, will have the possibility to pay for products or clothes (or anything else) at the shops using their smartphones. Right now you can install the Google Wallet only on one model of cell phone which is Sprint’s Google Nexus S (which runs Google’s Android software). This is because Nexus S is one of the few cell phones which has N.F.C. chip, a special requirement for any mobile phone to run Google Wallet. However, due to Google, very soon a lot of mobile phones will have this N.F.C. chip.

 So at the moment you can use this app only if you are the owner of Nexus S smartphone.

The second questions is where can you use this app ? Google is cooperating with MasterCard, who has already installed N.F.C readers in more than 150,000 merchants in the United States and 230,000 overseas. The number of places accepting phizer viagra the payments from the mobile phones will definitely increase in geometric progression, thought. So this is only the questions of time.

Google also solved security problem. The cell phone’s N.F.C. chip will be completely deactivated if the screen is off. This will prevent any attempts to read or still the information from your credit card. But what about jamming the signal between the cell phone and N.F.C reader ? Here at Jammer Store we already have a Sprint’s Nexus S jammer, but what about Google Wallet jammer ? Who might use this jammer and what for  wow gold? I will be really happy to see your suggestions in the comments.

P.S. To people who want to know more about Google Wallet and how it works here is the detailed video:

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